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Yourshoring is what you do when you need to build and scale an amazing remote tech team with total control

TurnKey helpsinnovative SaaS-basedstartups win.

Here is TurnKey’s famousYourshore secret recipe:


We custom recruit your awesome dev team so you always get a perfect fit.


Everyone else just gives you random developers off their bench. ( ˘︹˘ )


We have a world class talent retention program that dramatically reduces churn.


Everyone else focuses on getting you talent but not keeping them. ( ˘︹˘ )


We give you total control of your dev team.


Everyone else limits what you can actually do and how you do it. ( ˘︹˘ )


We are always hyper transparent about pricing and pay.


Everyone else hides how much your developers actually get paid (that’s shady!)


We have global scale so you can build a dev team in the location that’s best for you.


Everyone else forces you to use the location that’s better for them ( ˘︹˘ )


We are based in Silicon Valley so while your dev team may be remote, great customer service is right next door.


Everyone else is headquartered overseas and hard to reach when it really matters. ( ˘︹˘ )

In case you are stillstill unclear:

Offshoring = Not built around your needs.
Yourshoring = Entirely built around your needs.

TurnKey is a startup’sbest friend(besides beer).

TurnKey is astartup’s bestfriend(besides beer).

We make creating and scaling remote software development teams easy — and spectacularly effective.

Amount of Venture
Capital Raised Across
Our Customer Base

Annual Retention Rate
of our Developers
(Industry Average = 60%)

Average Increase
in Product Development Velocity

A few of our world-beating customers

A few of ourworld-beatingcustomers

Still don’t believe that TurnKey has the most
customer-centric model in the universe?

Still don’t believe that TurnKey
has the most customer-centric
model in the universe?

RyanFounder & CEO at ResNet AI

TurnKey’s boots-on-the-ground presence along with decades of experience building and scaling teams, mitigates against most of the cons people typically associate with offshore development (lack of transparency and high churn), while offering most of the pros (similar if not better quality of talent than in the US at a lower cost). That’s the Yourshore difference.

AnyaGeneral Manager at R1

TurnKey’s YourShore model allows us to easily integrate developers directly into our organization so that they are truly my team. I honestly forget most of the time that they aren’t working in the same building as me.

DanielFounder & CEO at diib

Turnkey’s people professionalized our company from the processes they’ve implemented to the product features they’ve developed. Turnkey has the uncanny ability to recruit top professionals to our cause who don’t churn. They are critical to diib’s core culture.

Ready to reap the rewards of having a team custom build entirely around your needs?of your own software development destiny?

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