TurnKey was founded by SaaS-based entrepreneurs who had to solve for remote product teams the hard way

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We've been building and optimizing remote teams in Eastern Europe for our own innovative Silicon Valley software companies for the past 15 years.
In doing so, we handcrafted a system of world-class people, processes and practices that we now leverage on behalf of our clients.
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Take the fast lane

Don't waste precious development time on a learning curve for remote teams – we made all the mistakes so you don't have to!

Why does TurnKey specialize in Ukraine & Poland?

When we ran our own SaaS-based startups, we tried building remote teams in a lot of different regions. But we quickly discovered that Eastern Europe was by far the best geography for a range of world-beating reasons.
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Deep and broad talent pool related to all aspects of SaaS

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Highly educated workforce with strong STEM education system
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Hyper modern approach to both technology and design
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Productivity levels that meet and often exceed U.S.-based personnel
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Culturally Western; fit naturally into any organization
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Strong proficiency in English; nothing gets lost in translation

Professional mindset and approach: little need for micro-management
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High integrity – always focused on doing the right thing
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