We’ve walkeda mile inyour shoes

TurnKey was founded by SaaS-based entrepreneurs who built remote development teams the hard way.

...more like
a marathon! 😏

Here’s the short version of that story

We’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

We know what it’s like to not control your own destiny.

We’ve been burned by offshore firms too and feel your pain.

TurnKey – and our Yourshore model is the remote development resource we always wished we had.

fully custom recruiting ! reduced churn ! amazing customer service good looking founders- not true🤭 total transparency partner mentality awesome tech talent zero liability

We believe so strongly in


that we even spell it out in our expensive logo.

It’s all about you!

We’re a team dedicated to your success. Let us prove it to you.

  • recruiting extraordinaire 😝
  • talent retention rockstar 💪
  • marketing genius ⚡