Our Team

Andrew Fisher

Technology and software development expert and author

I started creating content before it was mainstream. My expertise lies in software development, cloud computing, IoT solutions, data migration and offshore staffing. Let’s go!

Software expert

Daria Spizheva

Technology and software development expert and author

I’m a writer with a background in — and passion for — applied linguistics, programming, and technology. I’m a firm believer that the key to explaining detailed technical and business information is to simplify it into concepts that everyone can understand. Hope you enjoy!

Content creator

May Ohiri

Software Development Expert

I’m a medical doctor who also loves to write (yeah, I know what you’re thinking already), but I’ve always been passionate about technology. I believe the key to creating greater technical knowledge is simplifying software development into concepts everyone can understand. When I’m not writing, I’m either playing video games or exploring the world through travel.


Jane Sorokina

Senior Technology Writer

I’m a former science journalist that likes to connect the dots between science and technology.

Yuliia Andrieieva

Head of Recruitment

Subject matter expert. Hiring and recruiting professional, expert in IT handpicking, expert in overheated IT vacancies market.

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Stacy Diachenko

With a Master of Arts in Technology for Translation and Interpreting (yes it’s as cool as it sounds!), I’m 100% a technophile and wordsmith. I love making tech stuff sound human, and I constantly stay on top of the latest trends in technology. My goal is to write fun, insightful articles that are always ahead of the curve.

Boris Glants

Co-founder, CTO at TurnKey

Subject-matter Expert, co-Founder and CTO of a number of startups. I help software product companies build Yourshore teams in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Ira Gutnik

Marketing specialist

Amy Howitzer

Technology and software development expert and author