Our Rest Easy!Promise:no headaches,no liability, no BS.

We take the complexity and risk out of building high powered remote teams.

Note: dog not includedwith standard contract

The IP is 100% yours.

Each member of your custom recruited TurnKey team work exclusively for your organization and sign agreements assigning all IP rights to you.

Legal exposure be gone.

TurnKey clients are completely shielded from any real or perceived liability exposure, which helps streamline customer contracts, fundraising and/or exits.

Zero administrative hassle.

You have one simple monthly payment for your entire team and we handle all the rest (legal, tax, pension, benefits, payroll, accounting, retention and more!)

Everything you just read above summarized in a graphic your mom will understand:

  • Client

  • 01

    We handle the nasty stuff ☹️

    (legal, taxes, payroll, liabilities, etc.)

  • 02

    You get the awesome stuff 😍

    (intellectual property, talent, product)