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We are obsessed with retention because churn is crazy expensive.

➕ Plus turnover kills morale, weakens your culture, and robs the team of institutional knowledge too!


💰 The High Cost of Churn

Average Annual Salary

Senior Offshore Developer

Severance (one month)


Lost Recruitment Cost


Lost Onboarding + Training Cost


Lost Productivity / Impact on Development (3-month ramp)


Total Cost of Churn

Per Developer

🤩Wow, that's a reeeal buzzkill.


Our kickass retention program cuts churn by more than 50%

We've turned retention into a scienceblank


Each month our talent retention experts assess your development team based on a range of important retention factors.


Using our proprietary algorithm, we then create a Talent Retention Index Score for each developer that defines their level of churn risk.

Talent Retention Index Score


Next, we implement comprehensive retention programs designed for each level of risk. This keeps happy developers happy and boosts the retention score of those at medium to high risk of churn.


All of this data is regularly communicated to clients so they are constantly aware of the retention risk across their development team—and what steps can be taken to minimize it.


Try our Talent Retention Index program and save a bunch of dough!

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We live and breathe talentretention.

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Check out the amazing results

More than 50% reduction in churn...


Industry Average*

40%annual turnover

TurnKey Average

15%annual turnover

TurnKey Averagewith minor stock incentives

2%annual turnover
*National Association of Software and Services Companies Survey, 2020

...and 300% boost in developer tenure

3 years


Industry Average

1.1 years

Increased tenure also:

  • saves you $60k per developer annually
  • amplifiesteam morale
  • accelerates product development cycles
  • solidifies your team's knowledge base

Everyone loves retention.

3 Years in a RowBest in KLAS for Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services

"TurnKey is the only offshore firm we've interacted with that really places an emphasis on retention. They seem to be the only ones that understand how important retention is to maintaining strong product development cycles. Our churn rate with TurnKey has been under 5% annually whereas we were at more than 50% with our previous vendor!"


Anya Alisova (US)

General Manager, R1
Discord Trusted Partner

"We've hired full-time software engineers through TurnKey. To date, not a single engineer has left our contract/arrangement...We've worked with several USA-based firms, and none has matched the speed and quality of candidates from TurnKey."


Kyle Dodson (US)

Head of Engineering, Salad Technologies
2021 Brand Excellence Awardfor Brand Innovation by BCBSA

"It's been nearly two years of us working together and we have not had the need to replace a single developer. The programmers have all performed very well and TurnKey has been able to give us information that has helped to retain our key players."


Mackezie Drazan (US)

CEO of MiResource