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Establish a powerhouse engine for new technology creation that is scalable and repeatable.

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It’s R&D on Steroids

For companies looking to scale their engineering team beyond 50 developers, an offshore Innovation Center of Excellence can be a cost-effective –and highly productive – way to drive your software development efforts.

TurnKey acts as your operational partner that provides the infrastructure and expertise needed to stand up and optimize your offshore R&D hub—all while you maintain complete control.


Centers of ExcellenceIn One Simple Graphic


Your Internal development team

Your Offshore Center of Excellence

(located in the region that best fits your needs)




Provided by Turnkey

Custom recruiting

All key roles & positions

All key platforms & technologies

Talent Retention

Training & education

Perks & benefits






Office space (if needed)



Taxes & benefits


IP Assignment & NDAs

Liability assumption

We Make Creating a Dedicated Innovation Center Easy as Pie 🍰

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    Contact us to get started (we`re shockingly nice).

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    We assess your key needs so that your hub is 100% customized to your needs.

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    We recruit top talent to fill the desired roles and positions for your hub and make sure they fit your culture.

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    We handle all the nasty administrative bits so you don't have to (payroll, benefits, legal, computers and more).

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    We manage HR processes at the hub and dramatically reduce your developer churn through formal talent retention programs.

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    You start building and releasing equally amazing software with amazing software developers.

Expertise You Can Trust

Here’s why clients choose TurnKey to create their software development innovation centers:

  • Top Talent

    We custom recruit the top 3% of talent in Latin America & Eastern Europe so your Center of Excellence will always deliver exactly that: Excellence.

  • Fast Start

    We get your Center of Excellence up and running – and building great code - with initial staff in under 60 days.

  • Soup to Nuts

    We find and hire all the key roles and domain experts you need as well as manage all the infrastructure to support the software development center’s success.

  • Cost Optimized

    Offshore Centers of Excellence benefit both from lower wages and greater economies of scale, meaning you don’t have to compromise innovation due to budget.

  • Hyper Loyal

    We implement a best-in-class talent retention program that slashes software developer churn, ensuring stability and continuity in your Center of Excellence.

  • Infinite Scalability

    You can ramp your software development center up or down as company needs change and evolve—you never have to worry about being locked in.


We’re the offshore partner you can count on

Example Team Structure With 50 Staff in Your Dedicated Center of Excellence

Product Lead / Country Lead
VP of Engineering
Director of QA
Director of DevOps
DevOps Team(1 Sr. DevOps, 2 Mid-DevOps)
Security Lead
Director of UI/UX
Design Team(2 Sr. UI/UX designers, 1 illustrator)
3 Product Managers
6 Autonomous Product Teams
Product Owner
Tech Lead
3 Developers (backend/frontend)
Automation QA
  • There are multiple ways to optimize an offshore software development center.
  • Here is an example of a development center with roughly 50 people.
  • All centers are completely customized to your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to powering innovation.
  • Teams can run autonomously but still be fully integrated into your broader company culture.

Here’s a Case Study In Excellence


Are you like “OMG—how do we get started?” Us too.

Still on the Fence?

Top Five reasons to build an offshore dedicated development center:

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    Improve product quality


    Since all the resources and expertise needed to develop and deploy software are in one place, an offshore development center can help quicken software delivery timelines by reducing the amount of coordination needed as well as eliminating any duplication of efforts.

  • Accelerate product development velocity


    In centralizing product knowledge within the extended delivery center, you reduce the risk of critical information falling through the cracks and help improve the overall efficiency of your product development processes.

  • Gain a competitive advantage


    Software developers in an offshore development center benefit from enhanced communication and collaboration, which promotes a culture of best practice sharing, knowledge transfer and mentoring.

  • Centralize knowledge management


    By creating an environment that is focused on sharing real-time information and continuous improvement, offshore development centers ensure that new product innovation is delivered on time and meets or exceeds customer expectations.

  • Foster professional growth among employees


    Having a dedicated team of offshore software engineers that are laser focused on driving product innovation allows you to develop new and better features than your competitors, many of whom may be spreading their development efforts too thin.