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Turbocharge your software development capacity with fully dedicated teams that are handpicked to meet your exact needs.

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Using Dedicated Development Teams Is Like Filling Your Car With Jet Fuel

There are lots of good reasons to build dedicated software development teams but here are the four you’ll hear most around the cocktail bar at tech conferences:


World class development talent

Because you are tapping into a global talent pool, your dedicated team can be comprised of the best of the best (instead of settling for those developers who happen to live near headquarters).

Get there first

Dedicated teams can be built and onboarded fast, amplifying productivity and expediting release timelines.

You call the shots

With dedicated teams, you always have total control over the people, the process and the product.

Much More Development For Much Less Dough

Offshore dedicated teams are hyper cost efficient, allowing an exponential boost in development capability at an incremental cost.

Your dedicated development team can come in all shapes and sizes!

Teams can include a tailored mix of:


  • Front & Backend developers
  • Product owners & managers
  • DevOps and security engineers
  • Automation & Manual QA
  • UI/UX designers
  • Implementation & Integration Engineers
  • Mobile developers
  • Technical support specialists
  • AI & Machine learning engineers
  • Software architects
  • More...


  • PHP
  • Java, Javascript
  • C, C++, NET
  • React, React Native
  • Pyton, Go, MySQL, NodeJs
  • Backbone, Selenium, Solidity
  • Mogno DB, ElasticSearch
  • Angular, VUE
  • AAWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins
  • More...

TurnKey offers the breadth of different talent needed as you grow and scale - no more cobbling together random freelancers!

We custom recruit each role exactly to your specifications so you always get the perfect fit for you.

We also handle all the administrative aspects of a dedicated team, including payroll, legal, taxes, computers, and benefits.

Here is the quick and easy process for hiring your awesome, fully dedicated software development team.


Strategic Assessment of Your Needs

Meet with our California-based account managers to map out your needs and requirements so that we can customize your fully dedicated development team to your exact specifications.


Simple Pricing & Painless Contracting

Our contracts are intentionally straightforward and transparent, with easy out clauses. We want our clients to work with us because they want to, not because they have to.


Custom Recruiting of Your Dedicated Team

We quickly source the Top 3% of remote candidates for you to choose from, all hand picked in the region you prefer and with the expertise to deliver against your software development objectives.


Ongoing Talent Retention Program

Dedicated development teams don’t work if you experience high churn. That’s why TurnKey developed a robust talent retention program that provides a wide range of benefits (both personal and professional) and acts as an outlet for developers to raise any concerns before they can fester.

your team

Start Building Great Product

Your dedicated development team is now fully integrated and ready to start lapping the competition and accelerating your speed to market. (Yes, this is the fun part!)


Kickoff & On-Boarding

We ensure that your dedicated team is fully briefed on your key strategic goals and we facilitate a smooth transition to your software development organization. We hold your hand every step of the way.

But don't take our word for it...

Here's what our customers think.

3 Years in a RowBest in KLAS for Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services

"TurnKey is the only offshore firm we've interacted with that really places an emphasis on retention. They seem to be the only ones that understand how important retention is to maintaining strong product development cycles. Our churn rate with TurnKey has been under 5% annually whereas we were at more than 50% with our previous vendor!"


Anya Alisova (US)

General Manager, R1
Discord Trusted Partner

"We've hired full-time software engineers through TurnKey. To date, not a single engineer has left our contract/arrangement...We've worked with several USA-based firms, and none has matched the speed and quality of candidates from TurnKey."


Kyle Dodson (US)

Head of Engineering, Salad Technologies
2021 Brand Excellence Awardfor Brand Innovation by BCBSA

"It's been nearly two years of us working together and we have not had the need to replace a single developer. The programmers have all performed very well and TurnKey has been able to give us information that has helped to retain our key players."


Mackezie Drazan (US)

CEO of MiResource

Are you like “OMG—how do we get started?” Us too.

Why you should build your fully dedicated development team with TurnKey

  • 01

    100% Yours

    This is your team: you control what your devs work on, the hours they work, the culture they work in, and how they are incentivized.

  • 02

    Custom Built

    Your dedicated teams are handpicked exactly to your needs. Other firms just give you whatever developers they have on their shelf.

  • 03

    Top 3% of Talent

    We get you the very best talent in all the regions we operate, ensuring you have the firepower on your dedicated team to drive super high levels of productivity.

  • 04

    Highly Scalable

    New software development teams can be spun up quickly and added seamlessly as your business continues to evolve and grow.

  • 05

    Way Less Turnover

    We have an amazing talent retention program that reduces chum by 50% compared to the industry average.

  • 06

    Faster Speed

    We get your team up and running in weeks (not months), accelerating your product development velocity.

  • 07

    Super Affordable

    TurnKey's unique and transparent fee structure means you get cost-effective talent with a huge ROI.

  • 08

    Rockstar Service

    Our obsession with customer service revolves around quickly addressing any problem or issue that may arise with your dedicated development team.