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Who is the typical TurnKey customer?

We specialize in the needs of SaaS-based startups. Having founded, ran or been involved with scores of SaaS companies at all stages of development, TurnKey’s model and processes have been fine-tuned to drive success within SaaS. Our clients range from seed round through Series F and everything in between. We love being in the trenches with you.

Do I own the Intellectual Property?

Absolutely. All TurnKey staff work exclusively for your organization and sign agreements assigning all IP rights to you. We simply take care of the administrative headaches so you can keep building brilliant software.


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What roles and capabilities do TurnKey teams include?

One of the biggest advantages of partnering with TurnKey is that we offer the breadth of different talent needed as you scale (no more cobbling together disparate freelancers), but we handpick each role exactly to your specific requirements. Thus, this best-of-both-worlds approach means you always get the right talent for your product development needs.

TurnKey teams can include:
Is there a screening process for talent?

Because TurnKey specifically recruits the exact right talent for your needs – versus other firms that lazily give you whoever happens to be available – we filter all potential candidates through a rigorous screening and technical testing protocol. This ensures that TurnKey surfaces to clients only those hyper talented candidates that are going to be great fits for the organization – and clients always have the opportunity to conduct final interviews themselves and decide who to include on their team. TurnKey clients are always in full control of their teams.

Will I know exactly how much my specific team gets paid?

Unlike most of our competitors, TurnKey provides clients with complete transparency about all salaries, fees and expenses. Moreover, we even offer easy to pick bonus plans for those clients that also want to offer additional cash incentives or equity plans that track with performance—and TurnKey never takes a portion of these incentive programs. This level of transparency ensures that TurnKey is always completely aligned with our clients.

How am I billed?
TurnKey sends you one simple monthly payment for your entire team, making the logistics exceptionally easy (and your accounting folks exceptionally happy).
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