Senior Software Engineer

About the Product

Persefoni is creating an all-in-one platform that allows organizations to measure, analyze, and reduce their Enterprise Carbon Footprint. The mission is the enablement of every organization and person with the technology to positively impact the health of planet Earth. Persefoni is creating an all-in-one platform that allows organizations to measure, analyze, and reduce their Enterprise Carbon Footprint. Our goal is to provide our customers unprecedented visibility and insights into the impact their organization has on the environment. Leveraging the latest breakthroughs in data science and software, our technology will empower teams and leaders to mobilize their organizations to continuously improve their greenhouse gas emissions metrics. At Persefoni, we are excited to be growing a team as diverse and creative as the customers we support.

The Role:

As a Persefoni Senior Full-stack Engineer you will be an integral member of the Software Engineering Department and be partly responsible for building new features four our website. Successful candidates should have a minimum of five years of recent professional programming experience at positions requiring the skills listed below with an emphasis on React and Typescript.

Our web stack:

  • React with hooks
  • TypeScript
  • NextJS
  • Design systems
  • Styled jsx
  • Contentful
  • External APIs
  • Jest + React testing library
  • Analytics integration (GA, GTM, Marketo)


  • Comfortable with making informed decisions when requirements are nuanced or where there’s room for interpretation. Always favoring a scalable solution and UX 
  • Provide honest feedback to the team. Celebrating success, identifying challenges and learning from failures
  • Ensuring and allowing information flow between team members, and also across teams. Always favoring autonomy, transparency and distributing knowledge as much as possible.
  • Have well informed opinions on what constitutes clean and scalable code, enforcing them through PR reviewing of others’ code.
  • Daily operation within Kanban workflow
  • Relay updates on existing work via Jira, push well documented PRs for features, and collaborate through review and comments on your fellow developer pull requests. 
  • Ensure “Pixel-perfect” execution of our approved user interface designs Implementing mobile to desktop responsive web interfaces 
  • Ensure the UI is built for speed, scalability, reusability, & accessibility 
  • Integrating our front-end UI with the back-end API services and  various SaaS data APIs


  • At least 5 years’ experience with the end-to-end life cycle of Agile software development. Including the technical analysis of requirements, development of the software, troubleshooting, and implementing PR and QA feedback.
  • Familiarity with our targeted development frameworks including React, NextJS, Typescript, Design systems principles, and functional component-based programming 
  • Proficiency with React features such as hooks, context, state management
  • Proficiency with dynamic styling in Javascript (we use styled jsx) 
  • Proficiency with code debugging and uncovering performance issues utilizing developer tooling 
  • Experience in using modern CMS (we use Contentful) and i18n
  • Experience implementing Storybook component stories and integration tests
  • Experience with using Figma or similar tools for implementing designs 
  • Appreciation for clean code, and attention to detail 
  • Proactive communication across and within the team
  • Experience collaborating via sprint planning, daily stand-ups, ticket management, sprint demos, and sprint retrospectives

How You’ll Know You’re on the Right Track:

  • Within your first day, you should have been able to clone the repository and install the necessary tooling to build and run our projects locally. You should have also been introduced to the engineering leadership and the development team members. 
  • Within your first week, you will be familiarizing yourself with the code base and assisting in coordinating work on development tickets as requested. 
  • Within your first month, you should be successfully operating with the development team, organizing work tickets to achieve product goals, submitting PRs, providing feedback on team member PRs, and advancing your assigned projects with your contributions. 
  • Within your first year, you should be contributing to the software engineering team by providing your personal insights as to how to improve our processes and architectures.

Our Hiring Process:

  • Step 1: Initial candidate screening call 
  • Step 2: Interview with member(s) of the Software Engineering Team 
  • Step 3: Interview with our Head of Engineering 
  • Step 4: Offer extended 
  • Step 5: On-boarding 


  • We’re building a diverse team of talented individuals who bring different perspectives to the business and who feel a sense of inclusion and belonging when they join our team.
  • We welcome and celebrate new ideas and allow you to make an immediate impact on the team.
  • Unlimited PTO for any reason, including sick days (no specified limits), flexible work schedule.
  • Opportunity to attend professional development training, certifications, and conferences.
  • Private health & dental insurance.
  • Remote work;

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