We put themagicin custom built dev teams

Our Yourshore model revolves entirely around your needs.

Check out the difference:



  • No control of the team
  • Project-based
  • Talent is off the bench
  • High turnover of staff
  • No transparency
  • Not part of your org


  • Partial control of the team
  • Temporary solution
  • Talent is off the bench
  • High turnover of staff
  • Limited transparency
  • An offshoot of your org


  • Full control of your team
  • Long term solution
  • Talent custom recruited
  • Low turnover / retention-focused
  • Full transparency
  • Fully integrated into your org

Tailor made solutions…


TurnKey Core:

Fully Dedicated Teams

  • Ideal for companies building core development teams.
  • A smarter, better, and faster way to do any type of full cycle software development, staff augmentation or team extension. You always have complete control.
  • New teams can be spun up quickly and added seamlessly.

TurnKey Scale:

Aggressive Growth

  • Ideal for companies looking to go from 2 or 3 dedicated teams to 7 or 8.
  • Allows you to grow your software development team with flexibility and efficiency—and with total control.
  • New teams can be spun up quickly and added seamlessly.

TurnKey Hub:

Centers of Excellence

  • Ideal for companies looking to build out an R&D hub with more than 50 staff.
  • Establishes an engine for new technology creation that is scalable and repeatable.
  • New teams can be spun up quickly and added seamlessly.
  • TurnKey acts as your operational partner that provides the infrastructure and tech expertise needed to stand up and optimize your Center of Excellence.

TurnKey Assist:


  • Ideal for companies that are stretched thin or lack the resources to optimize high performing teams internally.
  • TurnKey manages the engineering team(s) and facilitates the integration with your broader development organization.
  • TurnKey handles all roadmap and sprint planning, and is responsible for making sure all deliverables and timelines are met.
  • We implement, measure and report on all key metrics so the customer is always kept up to date.

…Powered by best-in-class capabilities

Perfect Fit

teams are custom recruited exactly to your needs.

Full Stack:

awesome tech expertise across all types of roles and positions.

No More Churn:

enjoy all the benefits of TurnKey’s amazing talent retention program.

Rest Easy! Promise:

zero administrative hassle and you have complete legal and IP protection

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The dreamy benefits of Yourshoring:


Accelerated Speed
to Market

Create and scale new technology faster than painstakingly building out a team on your own.


Way More Bang
for Your Buck

This model is much more cost-effective than hiring developers stateside or using agencies with hefty fees.


Competitive Advantage

You get a highly flexible engineering solution that is able to react nimbly to changes in the marketplace.


Best of Both

You enjoy all the good stuff (IP, product velocity, talent) with none of the headaches or liabilities.


Unique Access to Scarce
Development Talent

You benefit from top engineering talent that you otherwise may struggle to find or attract.


Greater Shareholder

Our framework enables a faster and more outsized impact on your company’s market value than if development was entirely driven internally.

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