Startup Field Notes

Here is a continuing collection of my favorite quotes from customers and tech friends in case you find yourself in the same spot or feeling like your experience is painfully unique. Keep the faith! #onyourteam
Sterling Lanier
Sterling Lanier

Co-Founder, CEO at TurnKey

We didn’t start out to be a platform. We focused on building something specific that people really needed and then just organically expanded out from there. This has arguably been the biggest factor in our success (besides luck) 🥇

Raising money is like running a marathon while getting a root canal 🏃

Managing a company right now is like building a ship in a bottle-there are so many constraints and there’s little room for error ⛵

There is no bigger disparity in perception between what people think it’s like to be an entrepreneur 😀 and what it’s really like 🥲