Dev teams thatare built to last

Our kickass retention program cutschurn by more than 50%:

Dedicated HR Managers

  • We take care of all HR-related items (and more) so you can just focus on building great software with your team.
  • You always have someone to call if you need any help with your team or need any hiccups resolved.

One-on-One Deep Dives

  • We conduct regular interviews with each member of your team so we can quickly identify and address any issues before they become problems.
  • We report back key findings to you so that you always have a real-time pulse on your team.

Annual Salary Landscape Reviews

  • We create and provide annual salary reports that detail the wage landscape in each of the regions we operate.
  • This ensures that your team’s pay is always competitive in the marketplace and provides a benchmark for any new hires.

Professional Development & Training

  • We provide an ongoing series of online seminars that teach your team about new and emerging technologies.
  • We promote cross-training across development areas and roles in order to drive collaboration. And we also have an organized community for advice so your team members will have access to a broad pool of knowledge should any development questions arise.

Celebrations & Acknowledgements

  • Loyalty is often created by the little things as much as the big ones. That’s why we spend our time thinking of how to optimize the entire team member experience, not just the usual touchpoints.
  • We always send each team member a gift for:
    -Work Anniversaries
    -Significant life events (weddings, births, etc.)

Personal Growth

  • We offer advanced English classes for everyone, even though most folks are hyper fluent already (they always want to be better).
  • We provide a Financial Management & Investment education series that teaches the fundamentals of how to invest and manage money. This is our most popular perk since many team members haven’t had similar learning opportunities elsewhere.

TurnKey’s Maniacal Focus on Retention = Much Less Churn

Industry Average*



*National Association of Software and Services Companies Survey, 2020




(with minor stock incentives)