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Find the absolute perfect fit – or the critical missing ingredients – for your existing software development team.

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The most innovative firms choose TurnKey to expand their software development teams with world-class talent.

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Sometimes you just need some extra horsepower…


Change is the one thing you can always count on in software development, where deadlines often rapidly accelerate and new features pop up that customers suddenly can’t live without.

This means that sometimes you are left in a pickle since your development capacity doesn’t match the expected timing of your deliverables.

Don’t worry, TurnKey has you more than covered!

We have deep expertise in remote software development team extension — we get you top talent quickly and integrate them directly into your existing team so you can go farther, faster.


…and sometimes you just need a very special horse.


Nothing is more painful than trying to deliver against a robust product roadmap with a team that lacks the required specialists to get it done on time and on budget.

Never fear,TurnKey is here!

We plug every skills-based gap in your development team with world-class talent that doesn’t churn.

Extend your capabilities with the right technologists so you are always playing with the team you need to win.


It’s like a Swiss Army knife for developer staffing.

Team extension is a versatile tool for a range of use cases when...

  • Team extension is a versatile tool for a range of use cases when...

    your tech team requires rapid growth

  • you realize it’s better to replatform than to keep duct taping the existing system

  • your team is over-worked and stretched too thin

  • you are under the gun to deliver on time

  • new features require technical expertise you don’t have

  • your budgets got cut but you can’t slow down product velocity

  • you missed yet another happy hour with your college friends because you work too much

    ...and many more!


We make scaling your software development team a breeze.


Only the Top 3%of talent-period.

Hiring is typically donein 30 days (or less).

You see less than five final candidates per position.

(if we show you more than that, it would mean we aren’t doing a good job of screening for your exact needs).

Our rigorous recruiting process puts wind in your development sails

  • 01
    - start

    Kickoff meeting to understand your ideal candidate for each position.

  • 02

    Begin custom recruiting and detailed screening.

  • 03

    Perform in-depth technical assessment for qualified candidates.

  • 04

    You conduct final interviews to make sure the candidate is an awesome match.

  • 05

    Hire – congrats! 🎉

  • 06

    Seamless onboarding and integration into your team.

  • 07

    Ready to ramp the next position(s) whenever the need arises.

Proof is in the software development team pudding

Check out a few examples.


Dedicated love for their dedicated teams

3 Years in a RowBest in KLAS for Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services

"TurnKey is the only offshore firm we've interacted with that really places an emphasis on retention. They seem to be the only ones that understand how important retention is to maintaining strong product development cycles. Our churn rate with TurnKey has been under 5% annually whereas we were at more than 50% with our previous vendor!"


Anya Alisova (US)

General Manager, R1
Discord Trusted Partner

"We've hired full-time software engineers through TurnKey. To date, not a single engineer has left our contract/arrangement...We've worked with several USA-based firms, and none has matched the speed and quality of candidates from TurnKey."


Kyle Dodson (US)

Head of Engineering, Salad Technologies
2021 Brand Excellence Awardfor Brand Innovation by BCBSA

"It's been nearly two years of us working together and we have not had the need to replace a single developer. The programmers have all performed very well and TurnKey has been able to give us information that has helped to retain our key players."


Mackezie Drazan (US)

CEO of MiResource

Ready to sprinkle some pixie dust on your dev team?

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Your key takeaway: TurnKey does team extension better han the rest.

Here’s why clients love TurnKey for augmenting or expanding their software development team:

  • Access to the best talent

    We tap into the largest and deepest pools of development talent in Eastern Europe and Latin America — and get you the Top 3%.

  • Speed to market

    We extend your team quickly, ensuring you can ramp development velocity and release even faster.

  • Full stack coverage

    We get you the specialists you need most, from front end to backend to devops and much more.

  • Cost efficient

    We get you development talent that meets (and usually exceeds) the productivity level of your local developers but at a much reduced rate.

  • Perfect fit

    We custom recruit each of your desired positions from scratch so you always get the exact right match for your team and culture.

  • Super scalable

    We give you the flexibility to extend your team slowly when needed and then rapidly during those periods of heady growth.

Which model is right for you?

Here are the types of offshore development team models.

💡Hint: we do the first two
control transparency long-term solution cost effectiveness seamless integration flexibility work autonomously
team extension
team offreelancesoftwaredevelopers
outsourcing  agency

TurnKey is the gold standard of team extension services.

Let us show you how our unique team extension model delivers higher performing software developers than any other firm.


Get the dream team of extended teams