mile 8

I take a stuffy with me whenever I travel for work.

It’s one of my daughter’s. She picks out a new one for each trip. I think she wants everyone to know that I am a dad. Her dad.

At first, I just stuffed them in my suitcase and never took them out. Occasionally, I’d take a picture or two in my hotel room. But now that Covid is over and I’ve been traveling more, I’ve been taking her stuffies in my backpack. They remind me that even on a work trip I’m her dad.

On this week’s trip to Columbia and Mexico, where we have our fastest-growing development centers, I took Bearry—my daughter’s bear. I was feeling venturous, so I squeezed him into the side pocket of my backpack, letting him peak out.

And you know what? He made a new friend.


Eeyore is Evgenia Sokolnik’s favorite stuffy. He’s been keeping her company for the past 20 years.

I think Evgenia keeps Eeyore to remind herself to stay young. But that’s just my theory. She leads one of our recruitment “match-making” teams and is always full of new ideas for how we can better find and match the best coders with the best companies.

I love working with the best people, especially ones who bring their true, young-at-heart selves to work.

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